As many people will attest, this is a bizarre winter. Here in Moorhead, we are half way through January and are still virtually snow-less. On Friday night/Saturday morning, we got about an inch, maybe just over, of very light, crisp snow. Once again, I thought about the new snowblower I bought in October. It’s sitting in the garage at my new house, and I have not yet put gas in this useful machine. I am certain that we will get a foot of snow at some point this winter, and I will put my newest engine to glorious use, but what will be the threshold? Will I fire it up when 6 inches of snow fall? Probably. What about 4 inches? Maybe if it’s wet snow. Last year at this time, I would have been able to make copious use of a snowblower already with multiple snowfalls of a half-foot or more, but I didn’t have a snowblower last year because I had significantly less sidewalk and driveway to maintain.